Our Coast and Seas:

Turning ideas into action

The seas and coasts around Wales are of critical importance to people and to wildlife, providing a range of benefits from providing jobs to storing carbon and helping to address climate change.
In 2020 NRW published a Marine Area Statement that summarised the key priorities and opportunities for the sustainable management of Wales’ marine area. We are grateful for the time that many of our partners took to contribute to this work, where we collectively identified the need to:
  • Deliver coastal adaptation and nature-based solutions at the coast
  • Improve the resilience of marine ecosystems
  • Support the implementation of marine planning, including the sustainable deployment of renewable energy
Since then, we’ve been hit by a global pandemic that has changed our perspective on many things, and provided a new focus for a green, or blue recovery in Wales. “Our coast and Seas, Wales” is about bringing together partners with an interest in Welsh coasts and seas, to develop practical actions to overcome challenges, and identify what we can do together to make our seas more diverse, resilient and sustainable, for now and the future. There will be opportunities to find out more about what is happening across Wales, what organisations want to see happen, network and meet new people, focus in on hot topics, and most importantly, start to identify and work up practical projects that will make a difference to our coasts and seas and the people and wildlife that depend on them.